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dc.contributor.advisorObando Peralta, Ena Cecilia
dc.contributor.authorCollantes Rodríguez, Katherine Lysbeth
dc.creatorCollantes Rodríguez, Katherine Lysbeth
dc.description.abstractEl presente proyecto de Investigación tiene por finalidad demostrar que en el Perú deberían regularse las uniones de hecho entre personas del mismo sexo, para efectos patrimoniales, con el proposito de brindarles la protección jurídica necesaria.Con tal objeto analizaremos las normas jurídicas nacionales que regulan la suniones de hecho, entre personas de distinto sexo, a fin de determinar se es necesario modificar dichas normas para quiparar derechos patrimoniales de heterosexuales y homosexuaes.es_PE
dc.description.abstractThe fact -finding present Proyecto has for purpose to demonstrate than in the Peru the unions of interpersonal fact of the same sex, for patrimonial effects, in order to offer them the juridical necessary protection should become regulated. With such object, we will analyze the juridical national standards that regulate the unions in fact, between people of different sex, in order to determine if necessary to modify the aforementioned standards to compare patrimonial rights of heterosexual and homosexual. lt is intended to prove that our country cannot be extraneous to a realit y with this investigation than today in day it is taking place. We see in compared right than in Spain, Argentina, between other countries, has recognized the union itself in fact for people of the same sex, and enclosure marriage and this social fact you represent a realit y at our country that should be attended, by his sequels also in observance and protection of the fundamental rights of the person. Our internal legislation is true without good you have not regulated such situation in fact, it is important to check our juridical organizing, in order to determine the congruence between the internal and international standards that they allow safeguarding the rights of the sexual minorities at our countryen_US
dc.publisherUniversidad Privada Antenor Orregoes_PE
dc.sourceUniversidad Privada Antenor Orregoes_PE
dc.sourceRepositorio institucional - UPAOes_PE
dc.titleLa unión de hecho de personas del mismo sexo y el derecho a la igualdad en el Perúes_PE
dc.typeinfo:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesises_PE Privada Antenor Orrego. Escuela de Postgradoes_PE en Derecho Civil Empresariales_PEía en Derechoes_PE
renati.jurorEstrada Díaz, Juan José
renati.jurorZegarra Arévalo, Ronal Manolo
renati.jurorHeras Zarate, Luis Henry

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